I teamed up with the Hocking County Health Department - Breastfeeding Coalition, Lactation Consultation Kelly Brehm and local breastfeeding mamas for a project to bring breastfeeding awareness to our community.  Special thanks to Cindy Kovatch of Proparazzi, LLC for volunteering use of her space for the indoor photos.

In Kelly's words: "When someone says to discuss your job as a lactation consultant, you may expect a simple answer such as, "I help moms and babies breastfeed," but I have learned quickly that the job description is much more detailed than that. At the base of my job, I help moms and babies breastfeed, but in order to do so, I must educate, support, empower, and follow up regularly. For some mothers, I may be the only support they have related to breastfeeding, so it is crucial for me to be a phone call away. My hope for this project is to empower women and raise breastfeeding awareness in our community. I hope to display breastfeeding journeys, the challenges, the rewards, the misconceptions, the joy."

Emilie + Azlynn + Ezra
Alicia + Kinsley
Dani + Alivia
Andrea + Myra
Amber + Randall
Mallory + Josie