“When I began my breastfeeding journey, I was determined to be successful for my baby and for myself.

When my daughter was born, her father/my fiancé was my biggest supporter. He helped her latch when she

was being too fussy. He also brought me snacks, drinks and words of encouragement while I nursed.

The biggest struggle that I faced was cluster feeding. My nipples were sore, raw, and bleeding the first

couple days in the hospital. I was determined that I would push through those first few tough days.

I think that the most rewarding thing for me, other than knowing that I am providing the best nutrition for

my daughter, is the bonding experience we have shared because of breastfeeding. Not only is my body providing

her with the nutrition she needs to grow and thrive but her “Milkies,” as we call it, give her comfort when she

is scared, upset, or hurt. I think if I had to give any breastfeeding advice it would just be to hang in there.

It can be hard but in the end, it is worth it. If you don’t have someone in your life to give you breastfeeding

support, reach out on Facebook or to your local WIC office. With this project, I’d like to bring awareness

to breastfeeding — to see more mothers opting to breastfeed or at least give it a try. I’d like to help normalize

breastfeeding, to help remove the negative feelings that some people have towards feeding our babies in public.”